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W.W. Graves Research Room

W.W. Graves Research Room
The research center is dedicated to William Whites Graves - Osage Mission/St. Paul student, historian, journalist, publisher and civic leader.
Mr. Graves was editor of the St. Paul Journal (originally the Neosho County Journal and the Osage Mission Journal) for over 45 years and during this time published more than 20 books.
His works are recognized as among the most important historical records of the settlement of Osage Mission and eastern Kansas.
Below is a partial list of books from the Graves Collection. A complete list is included on the W.W. Graves page. The Research Center is fortunate to have a copy of all but a few of these works.

Tricks of Rascals

Life and Letters of Fathers Ponziglione, Schoenmakers,
and Other Early Jesuits at Osage Mission.
Sketch of St. Francis' Church. Life of Mother Bridget.

Making Money with a Country Newspaper: The Story of How I Saved $25,000.00 in
Country Newsaper Office in a Town of 900 Population.

Life and Letters of Rev. Father John Schoenmakers S.J. Apostle to the Osages

Annals of Osage Mission

The Broken Treaty: A Story of the Osage Country

The Legend of Greenbush: The Story of a Pioneer Country Church

Life and Times of Mother Bridget Hayden

History of Neosho County Newspapers

History of the Kickapoo Mission and Parish: The First Catholic Church in Kansas
by W.W. Graves, Rev. Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J., and Rev. George Towle

Annals of St. Paul: A Third of a Century. From the Change of Name in 1895 to January 1929

Autobiography of Rev. Eugene Bononcini, D.D.: Early Kansas Missionary
Additions and Notes by W.W. Graves

The First Protestant Osage Missions 1820-1837

History of Neosho County, Volume I

History of Neosho County, Volume II

Annals of St. Paul: Supplement. January 1929 to June 1936
[This was a 120-page start on Volume II which was never completed.]


Microfilm reader and printer available.
The following is a list of microfilm available at the museum.
We continue to add to our collection.

Osage Mission Records 1847-1881, Marquette University

Society of Jesus Missouri Province, Osage Mission records (2 reels)

Osage Mission Journal (1868-1895)

Neosho County Journal (1895-1901)

St. Paul Journal (1901-1961)

Unique supplement to the microfilm are W.W. Graves index cards. During his time as editor of the St. Paul Journal, Mr. Graves would note on index cards stories that appeared in the newspaper. These cards are indexed by family names, organizations, businesses, etc. The cards are a valuable resource and great starting point for any research.

Indexed Obituaries and Family Genealogies

Obituaries are indexed from 1895-present.
Available on microfilm from 1895-1961
Notebooks with printed copies from 1961- present.
Family Genealogies
Families from Maryland to St. Paul and
Dedicated computer with area genealogy database.
by Randy Dunavan

Other Resources Available

  • Beacon on the Plains
    Sr. Mary Paul Fitzgerald, S.L.
  • Annals of St. Paul: The Swan Song for the St. Paul Journal, July 2, 1936-November 16, 1961
    David W. O'Bryan
  • Hope Cemetery Records - August 1869 - January, 2003 (including Addenda I, II, III)
    Compiled by George M. Paine
  • St. Francis Parish Cemetery 1852-2008
    Viola Anne Schwind Gouvion
  • Osage Mission Centennial Celebration 1847-1947
    Mary Joyce, Editor
  • Osage Mission Sesquicentennial, Celebrating 150 Years, 1847-1997
    Mary Francis VanLeeuwen Casey
  • The Jesuits of the Middle United States, 3 Volumes
    Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J, Ph.D.
  • Traditions of the Osage
    Garrick Bailey
  • A Dictionary of the Osage Language
    Francis La Flesche
  • War Ceremony and Peace Ceremony of the Osage Indians
    Francis La Flesche
  • The Osages, Children of the Middle Waters
    John Joseph Mathews
  • Golden Book of the Osages
  • The Removal of the Osages from Kansas
    David Parsons
  • Osage Mission Baptisms, Marriages and Interments 1820-1886
    Louis F. Burns
  • Andreas History of Kansas, 2 Volumes
  • Annals of Kansas 1886-1925, 2 Volumes

Photo Collection

Collection of photos from Osage Mission and St. Paul.

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W.W. Graves Research Room

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