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Recent Osage Mission News!

  • 29th Annual Mission Days! - The 2012 Mission Days will be celebrated on May 23 through 28th. Check out the official Mission Days web page for details and updates. The event poster provides a day-by-day schedule of events (Note: The schedule is a large .PDF file and will take a moment to load).

  • Eighth Annual Senior History Day - On Friday, May 11, 2012 the Museum hosted the Alumni Association's eighth annual Senior History Day for our graduating class. Check this special news page about our visitors and the program.

  • 5th Monday,Second Event - On April 30 the museum presented its second 2012 presentation "A Mission, A Settlement, A Town". This program traced the growth of Osage Mission from the arrival of the early fur traders in the region, through growth of the settlement, establishing the Osage Mission Town Company and the eventual change of our name to St. Paul. About 35 people from St. Paul and other communities attended the 30 minute presentation and enjoyed an evening of open house and historical discussions.

  • April 12, 2012 - The Osage Nation's Second Cultural Tour to Osage Mission/St. Paul - For the second year the museum was honored to host 35 Osage elders from Pawhuska and other locations including Arkansas, Washington and Missouri. The museum and the Osage Cultural Center jointly hosted a luncheon of Osage meat pies, salads, desserts and drinks for the group. The group was given a brief presentation on the history of the Osage in Kansas and tours of historic St. Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church and St. Francis Cemetery. Free time was provided in the schedule for touring the museum and asking questions about the mission. Once again we remember that without the Osage, St. Paul and some of our family relationships would not exist. Follow this link for a brief video that is featured on the Osage Nation web site.

  • Good News - Museum receives Community F.O.C.U.S. Grant from Fontanelle Hybrids Corp. - During April we learned the museum would be awarded a Community F.O.C.U.S. Grant for the purchase of a basic audio visual suite for future programs and pod cast work. Fontanelle, a leading midwest agricultural products producer, awards grants to rural communities within its marketing region which for the purpose of enriching and supporting the rural lifestyle. St. Paul was a double winner because our school also received a grant for the improvement of sports facilities. The museum appreciates the opportunity to participate in this program and special thanks goes out to our local Fontanelle representative, Bill Casey. Appreciation is also extended to our school and church for allowing us to borrow equipment for our past years programs. .

  • Freedom's Frontier - During 2011 the Osage Mission - Neosho County Museum joined the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area as a participating partner. Freedom's Frontier is made up of a group of counties, on either sided of the Kansas/Missouri state lines, that were involved in the conflict that escalated into the Civil War. Our participation in this group is an honor, and it provides us with a very beneficial internet presence. As a partner in this National Heritage area, our mini-page is only a few mouse clicks from the National Park Service home page. This provides easy access for local and world-wide travelers. During the past four months we have been working with this group to further develop our web presence. Follow this link to the main site and check our mini-page to learn more about our participation.

  • KICKOFF - 5th Monday Presentations - In observance of our 165th year, the historical society is hosting "5th Monday" presentations during 2012. Each calendar year provides four or five months that have five Mondays and we are using those opportunities to provide an informative program about our local history. Our first program "The Jesuit Trail Rider" was held on Monday, January 30. We were pleased to entertain about 47 people from St. Paul and surrounding communities. Future programs will be presented in April, July and October. Thanks to , Parsons for helping us with our advertising posters.

  • Busy Time - Programs and Road Trips - Early fall of 2011 has proven to be a busy time for the museum staff. We have been asked to participate in several on-site and remote programs for area groups and classes:

    • September 17 - Staff volunteer Felix Diskin represented the museum on a symposium panel at the Oswego Community Center. The symposium topic was the life and times of Oswego founder, and Civil War figure, John Matthews. Other invited panel members were from Pawhuska, Humboldt, the Fort Scott National Historic Site and Oswego.

    • September 19 - The museum provided an oral presentation on "Ghost Towns of Neosho County" to the Erie Study Club at the Erie Senior Center.

    • September 21 - The museum presented a PowerPoint Program "The Founders of Osage Mission/St. Paul" to the St. Francis PSR class. Approximately 50 students and adults attended.

    • September 28 - The museum hosted the Erie Women's Sorority with the PowerPoint presentation "Early Education in Neosho County". After the program the sorority members toured the museum.

    • December 3 - Museum staff presented a tailored version of the "The Founders" program to the local RCIA Class. It traced the development of the mission from 1847 though the early 1900's with focus on some of the key missionaries and groups who contributed to our development.

  • Lone Elm School House Pressed Back into Service (for a day) - The Lone Elm doors opened to a new class on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Twila Wagner brought her third grade class to the schoolhouse for a full day of classes, which included learning about the way things used to be.

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