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Lone Elm Schoolhouse
Put Back into Service (for a day)


On Tuesday, May 17 the doors of Lone Elm schoolhouse opened to a new class. Third grade teacher Twila Wagner brought her class to the schoolhouse for a full day of classes. The focus of the day's curriculum was learning about the way school used to be during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Museum officer Jolene Born, in period costume, and other volunteers supported the day's program. By the end of the day the students gained a better understanding of how many of their grandparents were educated.

Lone Elm School

Lone Elm School

Lone Elm was one of more than 100 one-room schools that once dotted the Neosho County countryside. Each of these schools served rural students in a five or six square mile area. Lone Elm was originally located about 3-1/2 miles northeast of the museum. Among other things, the students learned that their grandparents' claims that they walked to school two miles, uphill both ways, was only a slight exaggeration. Click here for more information about Lone Elm and other outside displays .

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