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Eighth Annual Senior History Day - 2012

"...you can darned well know where you came from."

After eight years it is fair to say that Senior History Day has seeded itself as an annual tradition. In 2005, the St. Paul Schools Alumni & Friends Association scheduled the first event for the graduating class during their final days of school at St. Paul. While welcoming this years class, on May 11, Felix Diskin gave them what has become a standard introduction: "You are graduating from high school and some of you might not know where you are going from here, but you can darned well know where you came from." The rest of the day included:
  • A historical overview of the Osage Indian's migration into Kansas.
  • A quick description of the original Osage Manual Labor School buildings and location near the existing school.
  • A historical and architectural tour of St. Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church. This included a rare tour of the 130 foot church steeple.
  • A brief description of the Osage Mission display emphasizing our educational heritage and the work of the missionaries.
  • A walk to, and around, historic St. Francis Cemetery emphasizing graves of missionaries, the Osage and Osage Mission founders.
  • A narrated Power Point presentation on the founding of Osage Mission and separate slide shows of historical school and business buildings.
  • An opportunity to walk through the museum and discuss the displays.
  • Lunch at The Lodge.
  • Following lunch, students took a bus tour of St. Paul during which old homes and former businesses were pointed out.
  • The day concluded with a bus tour of Hope Cemetery, the Big Island and a description of depression-era settlements and businesses on the island.

Lunch at the Lodge

The St. Paul Schools Alumni & Friends Association thanks association and museum volunteers for supporting this annual event. Special thanks to Marcia and Jeff Gard, Dan Vitt, Ron Brogan and Mary Lou Boone for making this day a success.

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