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Other Local Historic Sites

In addition to the museum, a stop at Osage Mission provides an opportunity to visit several other sites, all within walking distance or a short drive from the museum:
  • Historic St. Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church and garden are located across from the museum on Hwy. 47.

  • St. Francis Cemetery, located 1/4 mile east of the museum on the banks of Flat Rock Creek, is the final resting place of many of the Jesuit and Loretto missionaries who served at Osage Mission. During good weather a sidewalk affords access from our parking lot to this site.

  • Hope Cemetery, located one mile north of the museum, provides reminders of the nature of pioneer life and the Civil War period.
Visitors are reminded that the church is a house of worship and should conduct themselves in a quiet and respectful manner. Both cemeteries require similar respect.

Overnight visitors may decide to stay at St. Ann's Bed and Breakfast. This three-story home, located approximately seven blocks northwest of the museum, was originally the infirmary situated on the St. Francis Institute campus, across from the museum on Hwy. 47.(See Links page).
St. Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church

Site Map

The figure on the right is an 1892 map of the Osage Mission schools and St. Francis Church superimposed with the approximate location of current museum structures. Museum facilities are displayed in yellow. The existing church rectory is not shown.

The entry room of the museum includes a picture history of the church building, including a four-foot lift undertaken in 1909 to accommodate foundation repairs. This room also includes a growing collection of late 19th century Osage Mission/St. Paul maps similar to the basic map used for this illustration.

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