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Indoor Displays - Main Museum Building

Main Entry Room

Museum Entry / Lobby Room

The central museum building is divided into two areas: The museum entry / lobby room and the Main Exhibit Room.

On entering the Museum Entry visitors will immediately see the Osage Mission Display which includes the mission story, profiles of several of the Jesuit and Loretto missionaries, a map and color-coded list of the mission stations established by our missionaries and several Osage Mission Artifacts. Also among the displays is a growing collection of 19th century maps showing Osage Mission/St. Paul when it was a frontier community of 2,500 to 3,000 people.

The lobby room also includes other displays related to Neosho County and the southeast Kansas region. This large, open lobby room, is also used for programs, museum meetings and is made available for community events (see the "About Us" link). The entry room also provides access to the Graves Research Room and our museum office and gift shop.

Main Exhibit Room

The Main Exhibit Room

The main exhibit room provides a look at the history of the Osage Mission and the Southeast Kansas area in general. It includes a fascinating variety of items and exhibits that depict life in the mid 19th through 20th century. A few of these exhibits are highlighted on our site; and this highlight will be updated over time:
  • A mid-19th century pioneer cabin that was disassembled and rebuilt inside of the museum.
  • A salute to the military veterans from our community and the Neosho County area.
  • A wildlife exhibit featuring animals native to our area, as well as some that lived here in the 19th century.
  • Family heritage exhibits - a group of mini-museums within themselves.
  • Two rare and well-restored antique vehicles.
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment from a mid-20th century medical clinic.
These are among many other items and displays that can keep history or antique enthusiasts busy for hours.

Hand-operated Washing Machines

A group of antique, hand operated washing machines.

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