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Family Heritage Exhibits

Family Heritage Displays

Small Museums Within Our Museum

Our Family Heritage area includes a group of small, family displays assembled with the assistance of our museum staff. These exhibits are, in essence, small personal museums that reflect the history of local families and their ancestors. The centerpiece of the display is a beautiful Vose & Sons Baby Grand Piano donated by the late Dan Willson, one of the museum's founders and long-time Curator.
The Baby Grand is surrounded by an array of showcases and items that provide insight into the lives of many of the families who settled in the Neosho County area and Osage Mission. Examples include:
  • A group of intricate West Virginia coal carvings
  • School certificates dating from 1905 through the early 1920s
  • Warrant records, of a local magistrate, dating to the early 1900s
  • A Kentucky State Guard musket mustered to a local family's ancestor during the Civil War
  • A photo essay prepared by the Tye Family, documenting the early history of their family
As you browse the display, it is easy to imagine a few of the items being packed into trunks and wagons during pioneer migrations from Kentucky, the Virginias or the northeastern states.

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