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The Anderson Cabin

Cabin Tools

A Glimpse Into The Past

Cabin Museum visitors will get a unique opportunity to step into an authentic "home on the range". Our Anderson Family Cabin display includes a reconstructed 19th century log cabin, background on the family that built it, and insight into the preservation project that moved it into the museum.

The cabin was built northeast of Erie in 1867 by the Lewis Anderson Family. It was constructed by Lewis Anderson and was home to Mr. Anderson, his wife and son. When the family relocated to a larger home, the structure was abandoned for a few years until a barn was built around it. The cabin served as a storage room until the barn was razed. In 1998 the cabin was donated to the museum by Dean Aikins and Lewis Corbett. John Altman and Joe Woodman, working with museum staff, carefully marked the timbers and parts, disassembled the cabin and reassembled it in the museum. The display includes history of the cabin, newspaper accounts of its move and Anderson family photos.

Young people, in particular, are amazed that this 250 square foot structure served as living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, family room and closets for a family of three. It provides a new perspective on the simplicity and hardships of frontier life.

Antique Tools and Artifacts

The cabin is furnished with antique furniture. The exterior of the structure is used to display dozens of vintage tools, jars, traps and other items representing the frontier through the early 1900s period.

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